As the ‘Festival of Lights ‘ approaches, excitement and anticipation travels throughout The Indian Continent, putting smile on everyone’s faces. From sweet vendors to floral market places,  from general stores to malls and super marts, a fervent glow is observed throughout.
Diwali or Deepavali as its fondly known, celebrates The Indian culture and traditions . It has numerous historic and spiritual significances.
This festival is celebrated in the  memory of the great Lord Rama’s victory over the evil Ravana.
Diwali is celebrated over a period of five days. However before kick -starting the massive celebrations, Hindu families from all around the world undertake a common task of house cleaning. It is believed that a thorough cleaning of the entire house before the night of Diwali washes away all the evil and negativity,  bestowing peace upon the household.
A few families begin cleaning their house a month in advance, before the festival approaches. From curtain rods to bed posts from nooks and corners to every little dècor piece;  there is a lot that needs to be cleaned. It is also believed that ” A clean home on the  night of Diwali is a key to a healthy mind”.
Celebrations begin two days before the night of Diwali. On the occasion of ‘DHANTERAS’ , which is considered to be the most auspicious day of the year. People purchase various precious metals and gemstones.


It is believed and experieced by many,  that purchasing precious metals on this day invokes wealth and contentment  within the household.
New clothes are purchased,  much to the children’s delight ; sumptuous meals and savoury sweets are prepared or purchased on ‘Naraka Chaturdashi’ , which falls the day before the main  night of Diwali.


Diwali is celebrated in a big way in most Hindu homes. Lakshmi puja commerates the prayer rituals of Diwali. Sweet is offered to the diety, which is later shared by the family members as a mark of respect and love towards the Goddess.


After the rituals and religious ceremonies are over people go out and burst crackers. Post celebrations is the Diwali Dinner which includes a huge variety of mouth watering sweets.
Dancing to various tunes or burning crackers to experience an immense adrenaline rush through the course of this majestic night, people of every age group enjoy being a part of the biggest festival of the nation.
The magnificence of Diwali celebrations come to a humble end with a festival called ‘Bhaidooj’ is celebrated the next day. On this day, sister’s  pray for their


brother’s happiness and success, and shower them with gifts.
So here we are…..DIWALI in its true essence is a  festival of hope and goodness with happy moments spent with loved ones.




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