Day Eight, Death Of Adverbs:: ‘ Eye Tonic’…….

It was a bright sunny day ūüĆě, while sitting on my brown leathered couch , flipping through the news paper…. ¬†I craned ¬†my neck back and up to check what time was the clock ticking….”.quarter past 3″ , ¬†I said to myself. Since I was alone at home the only thing I ¬†had for company at ¬†that moment was ¬†‘The Daily Times’ .

I was on the 8th page and ¬†by this time I was a little bored , nothing so great to dig my eyes ¬†into……the same news of yesterday although amended. Blinking my eyes , I came to the second half of that page. My droopy eyes awakened….the second half of the page ¬†had advertisements of movies running in the theatres.

Ahh! ¬†Some tonic for my dehydrated eyes….oh! ¬†by the way I’m a movie buff , …movies ?? Anytime ;.I’m always ready . I quickly picked up my cellphone and numbered my friends. Out of them only one was willing to go, ¬†hmmm! never mind atleast ¬†someone ……there’s a saying” One is a company, ¬†two is a Crowd”.

And so, I booked the tickets online. By now it was 4:15 pm ¬†and the show booked would start at ¬†5:00 pm……I hurried through my dressing lifted my car keys with my pinky and strutted out of my apartment door. ¬†Thanks to the less load of vehicles on road that afternoon I reached the theatre well in time.

My friend waiting at the entrance…. along with ¬†me entered the auditorium. ¬†We settled ourselves in the 10th row away from the screen. There was still 5 minutes for the movie to begin…..easing my shoulder I made myself comfortable getting in the mood to watch the movie.

Just casually as a typical human being would do, ¬†I looked around……the auditorium was fast filling up , people carrying popcorn tubs along with beverages in their hand …..placing themselves in their seats.

Slowly the lights went dim…’s ¬†about to start , with the picture screen getting brighter came the introduction of the Film “HOLIDAY” A Soldier is never off duty. It’s a Hindi movie staring ¬†one of my favourite actor Akshay Kumar. The movie is about an Indian army officer who is on a holiday to go home and meet his family. Back home he encounters ¬†some terrorist activities ……Though he’s off duty ; ¬†he wants to save his country from falling into wrong hands. And ¬†so along with his ¬†other army cadets he plans a strategic approach towards saving his country.

The auditorium was big enough to accommodate 100 people. ….. ¬†with red reclining seats. The temperature inside ¬†was cool enough to soothe us. Though it was dark, the screen light was bright enough to notice activities in and around me. As the movie progressed people got engrossed watching the movie…..with their one hand popping popcorn in their mouth and the other hand ¬†sipping chilled beverages ( alcohol not allowed).

Since it was not an ‘A’ marked film , some of the ¬†them had their kids along with them. These tiny tots seemed restless and were running in the Isles and some of them getting up from their seats to look around . A bit annoying I must …..and why not, imagine you watching your favourite actor perform on screen and there’s this distraction ……you miss out on important scenes .

A while later It was halftime or say interval, I thought of buying myself ¬†something to munch .So I headed to the snack counter . I could see , People thronged ¬†at the counter like bees. There were two rows with 10 people in one and 7 in the other… obviously I entered the row with 7 people with me being the 8th. I bought a caramel and ¬†salted butter mix popcorn with Lemon ice tea for myself. My friend bought herself a salad sandwich along with Coke to gulp it down.

We took our eatables and went inside the auditorium to watch the remaining movie. The movie starded and so I started feeding myself with ¬†popcorns …..gaping ¬†it by sipping chilled Ice tea. Our Hindi movies have songs in it …..which is an integral part of the movie.¬†

Personally , even I love watching songs in the movie otherwise I feel like ¬†the movie is incomplete. There was applauding in between action scenes and ¬†dialogues…. some people were whatapping their friends. Some updating their FB status as “at the movies. …watching HOLIDAY”.ImageImage

And how can I forget these two ladies along with their kids , non stop commenting on every scene. ¬†Even discussing school home work of their kids Oops! Makes me wonder why did they come here… watch a movie or to discuss home work. Nope , I would never want to do that. Eventually they got tired of talking and their kids got bored and so they left.

Must say , what a relief….. cause now I could enjoy the remaining movie. The movie got over after some time. It had a motivational message for the people of our country…..I could see it on the faces of the people , they looked fresh and were smiling as they all enjoyed the movie as much as me and my friend did…..ūüėÉūüėÉ





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