A Character-Building Experience: “Little Lady”

“Momma;  Can I get some Choplate” ( read chocolate)? “Sorry sweetie, but you’ve just had two big scoops of Mint-O- Choco Ice cream and I don’t think your teeth can bear so much of Chocoture “(chocolate torture)….that’s what I said to her.

Yeah!  You guessed it right,  that was my little girl Shanaya ……she’s just 4 yrs old and  big Chocolate fan. She loves everything about Chocolate, from sweets to cakes to cookies, ice creams , milk shakes,  smoothies….. Chocolate colour nail varnish,  even Chocolate manicure and pedicure, …..phew!!

Must be wondering,  a 4 years old  doing manicure and pedicure😲 I’ll get to that shortly.

For Shanaya it  just has to be Chocolaty….. makes me think she’ll grow up to be a ‘Chocolate conosiuer ‘. Whenever her sister, my elder daughter makes muffins….Shanaya will sit on the kitchen table and sieve coco powder into the batter. She loves to coat her fingers with the creamy batter and liking them her big starry eyes widen in excitement…., “momma yum yum”😄

So engrossed is she relishing the chocolate muffin batter , that she even drops the pasty stuff on her Pink frilly frock….Aww!  So cute.

She’ll  even want to accompany me to The Beauty Salon, and why ??  Nodding her head she’d say….. “momma going Salon for chocplate pendure and mannor” ( chocolate pedicure and manicure).

My beautician will massage her feet with some body butter and then place her feet in a luke warm water with some foot shampoo and rose petals in it. Then she’ll clean up , since Shanaya is small and her skin is delicate. …. the beautician does not apply the actual stuff used for adults . She’ll  apply edible melted Chocolate on her feet…..you must see Shanaya, she’s ecstatic to have it done on her.

And when my little bundle is very happy,  she’ll jump and clap her hands. Her lustrous hair with curls springing as she jumps in excitement. Although this is just a glimpse of Shanaya, there’s lots to be explored.

She entered my life in the beginning of this year.  I know you must be thinking then how come she’s 4yrs? ? Oh! Maybe she’s adopted. No….Shanaya is not adopted, she’s not real just a ‘Figment Of My Imagination’.  Though fiction, but seems so much in real with me….sounds  spooky👻.

Since my daughter is grown up and busy with her studies,  I was missing a little member. Some one cute and cuddly ,  running around in the whole house …… I came across this idea of having an imaginary girl who would never grow ,  will always be of the same age, with me That’s” My Little Lady my daughter SHANAYA”👼

4 thoughts on “A Character-Building Experience: “Little Lady”

  1. LynAn June 10, 2014 / 1:50 pm

    Loved the twist at the end!!! Well done..Enjoyed reading!

  2. maijan56 June 11, 2014 / 3:12 pm

    oh! all i thought shanaya was real! fantastic ending. i remembered i wrote a similar feature story back in high school. her name was jhassica. but it wasn’t imaginary. i ended up the story saying that jhassica was actually a bird… 😉
    i got the highest score in class for that story..
    nice one sonia!

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