“Friends turn into Lovers”…..

It’s been more than a decade since I’ve been there….Although each year during rains,  I think of this beautiful incident which changed the whole equation of my relationship with my male friend.

As I watch the raindrops slide on my windows ,  I slide back in time …..I was getting  ready,

I brushed my hair , tied my hair into a neat pony and sprayed some deodorant.  I prefer keeping myself smelling good and fresh. And since it was humid outside  it felt mandatory to do so.

Monsoon had just crept in and  couple of us thought of going hiking,  I know nobody goes hiking in monsoon.  But as I said monsoon had just started, so it wasn’t raining heavily….. I did wear a raincoat, since it was drizzling snd just incase it would start raining .

Its a hill station named Lonavla  in Maharashtra (India )…. best for a weekend gateway. So here we were at the base of the mountain,  readying ourselves. I could smell the wet mud and the wood fragrance was so fresh.   I didn’t quite have any hands on experience of hiking , so this friend of mine gave me few tips on how to climb especially in wet conditions.

He guided me all the way up to the mountain. … and lo! What a heavenly view. My friend and I along with others chit chatted for a while. And then it started to get dark. … we had to make it fast to the base within an hour  or else   it would get too dark to judge the path.

While climbing down we  came across a small waterfall….. we splashed the cold water on each other….. As we moved out my foot slipped and I was about to fall steep down and into the valley.

This male friend of mine abruptly held my arm and pulled me towards him…..that very minute something sparked in me. He held me in such a way as I was his greatest possession .

We looked at each other, we didn’t utter any words, it were our eyes that did all the talking.

Hadn’t it been for that moment ,I wouldn’t have been here with him settled as “Man and Wife.”….if today I’d want to view a moment again , then it would be this amazing trip to Lonavla , which made me meet “My Man “…..:D:D



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