Unlock The Mind….!!


Since I don’t have to be perfectly perfect here …I thought of sharing an incident which took place at my gym. 

But before I get started let me tell you that I have no gender bias as such ….. although at some point in my narration it might seem so. 

“GYM”   Ahh !!  The temple of gorgeous body…..Why gorgeous,  because that’s the main idea  for going to the gym. You work out ….get into proper shape….get healthy….. which in turn makes you feel confident and finally you end up looking Gorgeous😃😃. 

Well,  now comes the real stuff. …. A female member enters the gym…well dressed  looking fresh, just wants to exercise  and keep fit . Maybe that’s just the way she is with no special dressing for the gym . Across the room are couple of guys or should I say men who start eyeing this woman. Now this woman is unaware of the traits of these men , she’s is all confident  talking to other members of the gym.

There comes this man to strike a conversation with this women. He starts of casually getting to know her. The conversation is very simple and plain…. as days pass by,  his friends join in. At this stage things are pretty healthy ….they greet,  workout  and a bit of chit chat here and there.

 Now knowing that the women is already married and with kids, these men start getting closer to her….. Initially she took it lightly  and ignored it .

As she didn’t react much strongly to the situation…. These men thought she’s  available  , they started to get more friendly. There  came a  point where this woman felt smothered by their presence around….  so in order protect her self respect , she started to distance herself from them.

Now when she did this , they would try to create silly scenes around her…..miffed at their behaviour she stopped conversations with them. This didn’t go down well with them….As she would talk more to female members and less infact  no talks with these men, they spread the word that maybe she likes to be only with women ( read lesbian).

So devastated by their actions she complained to the management. Although there has been few improvement but nothing of  it has stopped completely. 

They still try to behave stupid around her;  though not as before….But Being hardwired , she has started behaving  as though they do not exist …..haha.

My question here is …. can’t  a woman  keep herself  the way she wants to?,   We talk about women liberalisation. ….then why is it that if she’s not comfortable with talking to certain men  she’s  been labelled  in a nasty way?  Is it wrong being confident and comfortable with ourselves , or are we obligated to entertain such goons??


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