Where’s “My Sun”…..🌞

Hello there !!

I agree with the idea that the climate controls and influences the  human brain thus altering the moods.

Well ; with me its the loomy gloomy weather….☔


The damp weather outside makes me feel miserable….I feel sleepy and sluggish….
Although for many it feels romantic , a good excuse to stay in bed. But too many days in a row of cloudy drizzling or heavy rainfall can make me nostalgic….:'(


Immensely depressing,  😭I feel trapped in the four walls…..negativity seeps in ; no where to go …..every where its mukky and sticky. My energy levels drop and I’m unable to do anything creative which in turn makes me more irritable.

On the other hand on a Sunny Day🌝


energy is abundantly pouring in….I want to be outdoors and be active , do anything there’s no stopping. The
Sun brings more smiles and optimism into my life….:D


I can see people and vehicles moving around no dampness and spoiling of food items….

I absolutely love the Blue skies with birds flapping their wings some gliding down and some soaring high up and away.

I guess on a gloomy day I miss my daily dose of ‘Vitamin D’ ….lol
I love my “SUN” ….⛅😎



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