Simple Sweet Happiness……:)

#Happiness Comes From Satisfaction, Not Idleness…..

You ever meet a “trust fund” kid?

You’ve probably seen these kids…young and rich, because their parents or grandparents did something amazing.

You ever notice how many of these kids are addicts, assholes and generally entitled and miserable wastes of space?

It’s not the money that ruined these kids (and they are truly ruined,) it’s the IDLENESS.

So many folks (especially in the US) seem to think that happiness comes from idleness…

You ask most folks what they’d do if they won the Mega Millions and they emphatically say “NOTHING.”

But doing NOTHING (or spending your day doing things that mean NOTHING even if they take up a lot of time) is a great way to end up hollow and bitter and very, very sad.

The fact is the happiest people in the world aren’t the ones with the most time on their hands, they’re the ones who do something SATISFYING with their time and who see CONCRETE RESULTS from the work they do.

Now, not everybody can (or should) start a business. And if you have a job
you hate but need to keep to pay the bills I totally understand.

But if you want to be happy, don’t fantasize about crazy cars, big houses and long formless days.

Just try to give yourself 15 minutes a day where you work on something that satisfies you. Something that makes you feel like you’re making some kind of mark (no matter how small) on the world.

# Love More, Care Less…..

We live in a world of constant connection where every bad thing in the world is delivered to our eyeballs in hyped up and obnoxious stereo.

We hear about every death, every shooting, every car crash, every environmental disaster, every scam.

And under that CRUSH of misery and anger our  adrenal systems go haywire, our brains get flooded with chemicals and all we want to do is stuff our heads under the pillow and wait for it al to be over.

Stop caring.
Not about everything, but about most things.

The fact is that you personally can’t have any impact at all on 99.99% of the world’s problems. You simply don’t have the time or the bandwidth to Fix everything.

#Be Grateful For Your Tragedies, They Make You Who You Are …..

There’s this beautiful quote I want to share:

“A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships.”

We all have tragedies. We all have horrible things that have happened in our lives that have melted our resolve, brutalized our hearts and made us want to give up.

We all go through crap. All of us. Yours is worse than some and a lot better than others. All I can say is you can either live life as a victim or you can pick up your chin.
Be grateful, help others and survive.

That’s what I’m doing……


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