Are you your own most favourite person ?

On Sunday afternoon I had nothing much to do, I went outside and stood in my balcony gazing left to right. In my neighbourhood park I saw children running around, people chit chatting and couples walking hand in hand. All this brought a smile on my face, and as I gazed further I stopped at a girl sitting all alone by herself ;my smile mellowed to a serious thought. I knew this girl from before she was an example of a self- confident young woman who completely lost faith in herself due to unfortunate circumstances Created my people she loved and trusted.

Like this girl there are many people who get so involved by giving themselves up completely to the respective other and not keeping enough for ourselves.

We are surrounded by people seeking to pull down our confidence, and bring us down to a level where they can control us. I find it a sin beyond redemption when I see people change their natural selves or kill their dreams to suit another. We all seek to control each other by creating dependencies. Men and women play this game with each other all the time. Men do so by reinforcing the myth that women are useless outside the home, in offices and particularly in dealing with money matters. On the other hand women try and control men by reinforcing the myth that men are helpless in the house and totally dependent on wives. People seek to feel better about themselves by thinking less of another, and usually the ones closest to us are the victims of this battle for one- upman- ship.

It takes immense effort to understand this and break through a state where one can develop the kind of confidence that does not look to another for approval, a state where we are our own masters and never feel guilty or regretful about anything; where we have nobody else to thank nor to blame.

It is  only natural that we should be our own favourite selves . Then why stop ourselves from imbibing all the qualities that we admire and revere? 

Let us allow ourselves to dream big, believe and aspire for it. Let us give up bothering about other people’s judgement, let us chart our own moral and ethical compass. Let us resolve to start walking towards our own dream with a no-nonsense walk, self assured voice and eyes that exude confidence— all these serve to surround us with an  invincible winner’s AURA  that attract’s all good things. And then who can stop us from becoming our own ” Favourite Person”……….. 

Hi everybody !

Often in our lives there’s  this day when we’re feeling extremely energetic, happy and positive……… like, if somebody asked you to climb Mt. Everest  and you would agree to it without a second thought. Today’s  that day for me…….since morning there’s  this so very beautiful feeling  residing inside me, don’t know where it’s come from……has someone injected me with this dose of positivity or was it already there inside from before, hiding and suppressed  in some difficult to locate little corner. As I was thinking about this, there came this gentle voice from within saying……”Sweetheart; I was always inside you,  you’ve been too busy and perplexed finding answers to millions of thoughts playing inside you.”  And as I was focusing on this voice I shivered a “YES”…… I said YES again but this time with my left eyebrow going up for a deep conformation . As I wondered why did I do this to myself…….I made myself a large cup of hot chocolate to keep me warm in this bitting cold weather and cuddled in my cozy couch to pen down feelings and doubts that accidentally find way thus Creating a hurricane inside us……

I found few solutions to my delusions and thought of sharing it…..


How many seconds in a day do you worry? How to not allow daily frustrations, anxieties, difficult people bother you  the answer to this is I , ME, MYSELF…… The key to bringing happiness lies within us, not with others and once you  realise and acknowledge the events you can control and one’s you cannot you will be able to manage the daily, weekly and monthly challenges of life consistently……bringing back the joy, one step at a time. …. You must take charge of your life once again.

Look forward…..

when things are at their worst , it’s easy to look at the past and analyse …….wrong ; instead take the first step to decide what you want, be passionate about it……and don’t  just sit on them, ACT. 


Get along with others……

Others can and will affect you, interdependence is part of life. You should not be so dependent that you only bother about other people’s opinions,  but that doesn’t mean you go out of your way to be rude and nasty…….it’s good to be affable and happy. Show empathy, tune into other people’s feelings. When you have a deadlock with a person, think about the problem from his point of view, don’t make the mistake of playing the blame game….you will loose your joy. Taking responsibility will enable you to regain power and happiness ……..the only way to be happy is to live a life in pursuit of happiness every single day, by having a sense of where you want your life to head.


Be assertive, not aggressive …….

Take control, your the BOSS……  can handle  anything, you have the power to manage every moment of your life. Choose carefully what you want to do with every breath of your’s , everyday your actions are changing things around you and in your life to come.


Don’t tear your hair out…….

Don’t react to crisis situation, language matters……the one thing that makes us unhappy is catastrophic thinking. The words we choose to speak to ourselves and about ourselves are important. Don’t let the fear of worst make you react…….excessive worrying will create strong anxiety and make you unhappy, don’t give in to anger……just respond without emotions to situations you don’t like, you have the power to correct anything you don’t like in your life. Later when the crisis has been dealt with, you can talk your heart out with someone who empathises with you; even seek guidance because, we often lose perspective when we are in the picture.


This too shall pass……

Look at life through your prism, everyone’s journey has detours…….in your journey you need to equip yourself with emotions that work for you…… Admire yourself for coming through this far and of course it goes without saying, let go of things that are not working for you.


Your life is right here, right now……

We think we will be happy in the future and then wonder why we are not happy now. Why do we keep delaying our happiness and wait for things to be right?  People keep waiting for this future and make themselves miserable not realising that life is never just right. There is only now! Find joy in living this moment…..being happy helps you regain control in your life. Be content , be yourself, accept yourself and when you are you ; then you become phenomenally attractive to others…….




                               ” Simply  Love  Yourself” …….





The Key to Success

Lead Today

This could be the shortest post in the history of posts. One word could do it. 

That word is action. 

All the education, thinking, planning, motivating, goal setting, and organizing mean almost nothing if no one acts on any of it. Successful people take action. It’s as simple as that.

They sometimes need help and they aren’t afraid to ask for it. Sometimes they need a push to get going but once they get going they don’t stop until their goal is reached. The action may sometimes be fast and may sometimes be slow but it doesn’t stop. 

Successful people plan but they are not so busy planning that they never get started doing. They can tell you with a pretty good level of specificity what they will do today, tomorrow, and the next day to succeed…. and they don’t just say it, they do it.

So how about you?…

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The power of concentration…..!

Form a habit of thinking of something you wish to accomplish for five minutes each day.Shut out any other thought out of your consciousness, be confident that you will succeed ; make up your mind that all obstacles that are in your way will be overcome  and you can rise above all environment….


You will find that each day as you focus your forces on this thought at the centre of the stream of consciousness , new plans, ideas and methods will flash into your mind . And how this will Happen ; there is a law of attraction that will help you accomplish your purpose. If you grasp mentally the thought of success and hold it in your mind each day, you gradually make a pattern or mould which in time will materialise. By all means keep free from doubt and free… The destructive forces. Never allow these to become associated with your thoughts….

And so I thought to myself ; that the ability to let go , not know and not try to control what will happen next is a necessary skill I need to adapt to in order to live happy, joyous and free…..

Hello everyone,

it’s kind of crazy and I wonder how sooner am I gonna get off this….  .                                                                                                                    

I have found that whenever I am in that anxious fearful state, when I’m trying to figure it all out on my own; that noise in my head that is trying to control everything will drown out my intuition…..